Cannabis Technology – The Latest Trends in Cannabis

Cannabis has been one of the most controversial topics, merely because a lot of people are on either sides of opposing or supporting it. Over the years, lots of states have legalized marijuana both for medical and recreational use. You can even easily find legal cannabis near you. Just like that progress, cannabis technology has also been progressing. Though, it’s quite normal that it’ll also has its own setbacks. Here are latest trends in the cannabis industry.

Latest Trends and Updates

Technology played a vital role in the progress of the world, and it’s even playing a much more important role in the world of cannabis. There are growing trends that could totally reshape the industry, for the better. Just like how technology has been making things convenient, it has also done drastic improvements to the process in the cannabis industry.

1. Cannabinoid Biosynthesis

This technology uses microorganisms to create even the rarest cannabinoids. This method has proven to lower the costs with its technique. It’s even going to make the industry more productive and increase its yield, regardless of where the growers are located and what kind of weather conditions are present.

With the growing industry, this kind of technology will be able to supply the demands of the consumers. One company, Cronos Group, will have access to Gingko’s microorganism platform that will help them develop about eight cannabinoids for commercial sale.

2. Cannabis QR Codes

One of the latest trends the is the use of QR codes in dispensaries. By scanning these QR codes, you’re able to see when and where the plant was grown. You can also see what makes up the product, which is really useful for customers who are quite specific when it comes to their products. It’s not just easier for customers, it’s easier for budtenders.

This breakthrough in technology was done by BLOCKStrain Technology Corp. They wanted to solve the problem of tracking intellectual properties of companies for their products. The industry is getting more and more competitive, that’s why they aim to solve this by giving consumers the chance to know more about a product and its history.

A crucial aspect of this is the integrity of each and every product. Through this QR codes, consumers are well informed without compromising the data of the company. It’s pretty convenient for both ends, especially since customers are getting more and more curious about how products are made.

3. Cultivation Technologies

Growing marijuana has also been one of the major aspects that was affected by technology.
With technology, the costs have been cut down. Growers are able to optimize their growth and the government can easily monitor the supply chain.

Growers are able to find more ways to make everything more productive. One of these ways is to optimize the lighting technology. The shift from using high-pressure sodium lamps to LED lights have been vital in directing light to the plants. The previous option have been quite costly because they waste energy lighting up other unnecessary areas.
LED lights, on the other hand, have cut down costs and saved a lot of energy. According to growers, they’re even growing a higher quality of cannabis that consumers will definitely benefit from.

The methods of growing have also been drastically upgraded. Gone are the days where fasters just opt for nutrient-rich soil to grow their plants. New methods like hydroponics and aquaponics are taking over the farms. Hydroponics is a method which substitutes soil for a water solution enriched with nutrients needed by the plant.

Aquaponics, on the other hand, is a next-level hydroponics method with add fish and other organism in the water systems to keep it clean and free from parasites. These fishes also contribute their waste to enrich the plants with natural fertilizers.

4. Electricity Storage

One of the giants in the electric industry, Tesla, has found one of the ways for these growers to save up more for farmers. If you’re familiar with power banks, it’s also made possible for small, medium, and even large farms. Although it’s not typically made for the industry, it’s definitely beneficial for it.

Powerwalls and Powerpacks were created by Tesla to store electricity for future use. It’s usually pretty convenient during power outages, especially for growers. Outages usually hamper production which is bad for business. With these products, farmers are able to buy energy during non-peak hours to use during peak hours.

The savings farmers have using these things start off as pennies but once accumulated, they could be really beneficial. It’s not just great for costs, it also helps the environment because Tesla is known for going green.

These are just some of the amazing technological innovations brought about lots of changes that will help growers save money. Whether it’s for saving up energy or for mass producing cannabinoids, technology has greatly helped both producers and consumers.…

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